Anna Bergendahl has during her career established herself as one of the most beloved artists among the Swedish public. She has also gained fame internationally for her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, and her participation in the final of the Swedish Melodifestivalen. She is one of the few who has reached the Melodifestivalen final four times and one of the youngest winners ever.Bergendahl had her breakthrough at the mere age of sixteen in the Swedish Idol series, where she quickly became one of the fan favourites. She mesmerised the juror Anders Bagge, who notoriously said that Anna’s audition gave him the same goosebumps he had when working with Celine Dion. Another juror, Andreas Carlsson, called her audition “the best and most musical performance he had seen in the competition”. Just two years later in 2010, still only 18 years of age, she started collaborating with Bobby Ljunggren which resulted in a win at the Swedish Melodifestivalen with the song This Is My Life, which topped the single charts.

Her discography now consists of two albums; Yours Sincerely released in 2010, and Something To Believe In released in 2012. The latter album was produced by the multiple Grammy Award Winning producer Larry Klein, who has produced songs for Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell among others. The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet described the album as a “very well thought-out album with elements of dreamlike melancholy”. She has also released three EP:s. Her music is influenced by pop, country, americana, soul and gospel.

In 2018, Bergendahl moved on to a new sound and started focusing on expressing her own ideas in the studio. As a result, her lyrics became increasingly personal, political and existential. Her EP We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes was praised by Jan Gradvall as the best she had ever released, and she was compared to Bonnie Tyler. Since then, her singles Ashes to Ashes (2019) and Kingdom Come (2020) have both become platinum sellers, reached number one on iTunes and Sverigetoppen, and topped the lists on Spotify. Her single Thelma and Louise (2020) became a radio hit, and stayed in the top 10 on the Swedish radio charts for a longer period of time .With her original sound, unique voice and personal lyrics, Anna Bergendahl swept the Swedish people off their feet back in 2008 and established herself as one of Sweden’s greatest pop divas. She has not left the spotlight since, and has charmed the Swedish people as well as the critics. With over 300 000 monthly listeners on Spotify and countless top placements, it is clear that her music moves people deeply.

In 2023, Anna Bergendahl will celebrate fifteen years as an artist. Despite her hectic artist career, she has managed to accomplish equally impressive feats outside of music. She has been attending medical school since 2016, and is soon to be a licensed doctor. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the Swedish United Nations Association, and is actively working for girl’s rights as a part of the project Flicka.  It has always been clear to Anna that she wanted to combine her artistry with a medical career, surely because her greatest passion in life is to help, and inspire people.




2019 ''Ashes To Ashes''


  • #Platinum
  • #1 on the iTunes chart
  • #1 on the Swedish radio chart
  • #10 on the Spotify chart
  • #1 on the Swedish National Radio
  • #Platinum
  • #1 Swedish airplay chart
  • #1 iTunes chart
  • #5 Spotify top 50 charts

2020/2021 "Thelma & Louise"

  • #4 Swedish radio chart 2020/2021